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Full of ideas, prepared for adventure, ready for change, eager to give our very best. This is how we started this agency, which eventually became a family and shaped the way we think and work; bringing a detail-oriented commitment to each brand, putting in the time each job deserves while still focusing on our long-term goals, and sharing a common vision with all our clients: to grow doing what we love.


Mailen Seoane
Art Director
Sol Maciel Ribó
Marketing Director

Why 109?

The reasons that connect us with the number 109 are varied. We’ve imbued it with meaning, with the values we call our own and which define us as a human group: our gratitude and willingness to learn. These values are reflected in our openness towards growth and self-improvement. Feeling thankful for where we are now, we confidently reach for the future we aim for. This is the lifeblood of our agency, that beats through the excellent results we achieve every day.